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The Truth About Zombie Bananas

There has been an ongoing debate about reviving black, dead bananas, often referred to as zombie bananas. Some believe that zombie bananas can be...
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What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve While Driving?

It's Monday. Again. If you have a typical work schedule, you have to drag yourself to work five days this week, and you'll probably...

The Secret Art Of Properly Using A Colon

Many people struggle with colons. While everyone has a basic idea of how to use them, situations can easily get tricky in a hurry....

What’s Something You Wish You Could Make Out Of Wood?

You've done it again. You've gone and dropped your favorite , and there's no repairing it this time. If only it had been made from...
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The Adventures Of Sheerluck Jolmes, Part 2: Too Much Onion

Previously, on Sheerluck Jolmes: We left Jolmes and Mustrade in a restaurant. While only there a short while a short while, they have been unable...
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How Do You Peel Your Bananas?

Some people grab the top of the banana (where it connects to other bananas in a bunch), snap it back, and peel down from...
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14 Simply Awesome Banana Carvings

Have you ever done something like this? What other fruits are good for art projects?
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How’s Your Day Going Today?

Nothing too crazy today! We're just wondering how your day is. What's been good or not-so-good about Friday, July 22?
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3 Reasons To Never Kick A Beer Bottle

You already know not to step on a crack lest your mother suffer major injury. Likewise, you should never kick a beer bottle, but...
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What’s In Your Ideal Fast Food Meal?

July 21 is (unofficially) National Junk Food Day in the U.S. Whether we like Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell or something else entirely, we all...